marți, 14 noiembrie 2017

How do you choose the right pair of jeans?

If in the case of shirts or dresses it is easy to find the right size that will emphasize us only what benefits us, in the case of pants in denin the situation is complicated, sometimes it is difficult to choose the pair of jeans that will fit us like a glove .
That's why, to order the pair of jeans to suit you, it takes into account the following elements:
Pay attention to the shape of the pockets at the back
If you are the kind of conformation that does not want to attract attention to the posterior, then it would be best to choose a pair of jeans with the back as complicated as possible. Avoid large pockets that extend over the pulp. Keep it simple.
Add a pair of heels
Any pair of pants you choose, a pair of heels will do wonders and will completely change the look of the outfit. In the beginning of the year, however, it opts for a pair of boots with a grip so as not to slip.
Read carefully the composition of the material
To flatten only the shapes that favor you, choose a pair of jeans that have at least 2% elastane in composition. So, the jeans will be too rigid and will not sit well.
Choose the color that favors you
If you want to look weaker, it is best to choose a dark color for your jeans. Do not be afraid of white. Surprisingly, for some models, white will make you thinner
What is the right length?
The rule says Monday's pants are stretching their legs. But the disadvantage of a pair of Jews is that you can only wear them with heels. But in the 2017 season you will notice that goat pants are once again wearing those 1 cm above your ankle. For all that we want to look weaker, this is especially good news because the capri pants offer a thinning effect on the foot, placing an emphasis on ankle and footwear.

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