duminică, 17 septembrie 2017

Denim Shirt

I know I know! You do not even know how to dress in your office. You seem to repeat the same variations: white shirt, conical skirt, office dress, classic dress, black dress. And then at the end.

Today I am determined to dismantle any business myth that is made up of classic white shirts. Today I'm determined to offer you some interesting choices for your outfit business. Today the denim shirt in the office is the star of your outfit!

Even the most drastic or sober dress-codes can include the jeans shirt. And today I have four proposals, some more feminine, others with androgynous inspiration, some with retro temptation, others urban, young.

Denim for all

To wear denim with denim is no longer a faux pas in fashion, on the contrary. In autumn this denim is in power, which gives us another reason to review some "good" rules.
Although "denim with denim" lives its moment of glory now, you have to develop a stylish outfit that does not always seem so easy to do. To help you, here is a list of what to do and what not to do when you wear all-denim.
Boyfriend jeans slightly degraded with blue jeans washed shirt and above ... I threw indigo jeans jacket. Even when the story goes too often the word jeans, but you wear them. And yet ... it does not look bad at all. On the contrary!
It's been a while since denim full-length outfits were considered bad taste. But, in the meantime, the trends in jeans have taken another turn, the volumes and the ways in which the fabric is degraded have diversified, and we can deduce some guiding lines in the rather uncertain denim on denim.


Skinny jeans are a part of a modern fashion. Blues are those who will never demote. They are essential to clothing, they are in different colors and styles, so it's never enough to have only one pair. The only model that looks good on everyone is, of course, the skinny one.

Jeans in any season of the year

All the trends talk about prints, pastel colors and unusual accessories, but what happens to your favorite denim pair? The denim, although it is found in any wardrobe, has been exploited in fashion shows for this season. So take all the pairs of jeans out of the closet, because they'll reinvent your dress.

When you have a look in which the denim predominates, the look is far from being a trivial one. And if you add clothing items in pastel shades of spring, with graphic prints such as ecos or strips, you will get a fresh and colorful look.
A pair of black jeans can be matched with a lightweight cardigan and a gray blouse, with accessories featuring a final note of the look, with colorful necklaces, hats and sophisticated designs recommended. This trend was launched in 2008 by Katie Holmes , who mastered the pair of non-masculine jeans on the streets of Beverly Hills. Even though that model of jeans was not promising to become a must-have in the wardrobe of any respected fashionist, here in the last 2 years, the jeans boyfriend became the key element in a chic hold.

The bust of the '70s was revived through the prying of frightened jeans.
The pattern that flattens almost any type of silhouette is again fashionable, being perfect for the composition of casual or stylish outfits. She wears these jeans in the office, alongside a white shirt, perhaps from a vaporous material, a jacket and a pair of platform shoes. The evasive, dark-colored jeans also save you when it comes to a slightly stylish outfit. Assort them with a top glam, sandals in a metallic shade and a clutch, and your look will be ready to be admired.

Since the beginning of this year, fashion specialists have predicted that high-quality jeans will become a must-have in the spring-summer season.
We were not surprised to see that more and more fashion designers, including Rachel Zoe, the favorite of Hollywood wonders, have included high-quality jeans in the latest collections. Such jeans will make you look taller, especially if you wear them with crop tops or with blouses inside. Do not dress skinny, light-colored jeans, if you have voluptuous shapes, because such a model of jeans can visibly enlarge the silhouette.

Trends remain conical (or skinny), very practical and versatile.
Perfecti for the most stylish outfits, which are the perfect replacement for casual outfits, while being the perfect replacement for office black trousers, skinny jeans are a real piece of resistance in the wardrobe of the modern woman. Fill your look with a shirt and a pair of stiletto shoes, or with a message shirt, over which you must wear a male blazer for a slightly sober look. The light conical or broken conic jackets will guarantee a casual outfit for effect.

Those faded-looking jeans, which in the '80s and' 90s became figurines in the fashion landscape, returned heavily this season.
Mass-market stores are packed with such pre-cut jeans in gray shades, perfect for the most non-conformist ones. Bring it with a tartan shirt or a blouse in a stronger tone for a youthful look, or match it to a silk shirt in a neutral color, summer breeches with targets or multiple buckles. This is how you can make a perfect rock-chic outfit for the hot days.

sâmbătă, 16 septembrie 2017

Ripped denims

Ripped denims are useful and chic. So yes, they are also useful ... Hailey Baldwin's outfit is easily reproduced by any 20-year-old boy. Though the photo has stolen your eyes, the pieces of the outfit are exactly the ones you have in the closet! Black skinny jeans, a biker jacket, simple t-shirt, boots, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. And a small grunge accessory that gives it so cool air: the thin black bristle to the neck.

Jeans... timeless piece

Indeed , denims are so amazing, a never ending story. Jeans are and will always remain fashionable. Starting from the first pair of jeans ever created and until now, these pants have metamorphosed continuously, passing through different shapes and colors, but never disappeared.

Today we find a very wide range of jeans models for both children and men and women. The blues have conquered the entire planet and conquered the fashion designers. There is no designer in the world who did not wear or did not create such a type of trouser in his life.