duminică, 17 septembrie 2017

Denim for all

To wear denim with denim is no longer a faux pas in fashion, on the contrary. In autumn this denim is in power, which gives us another reason to review some "good" rules.
Although "denim with denim" lives its moment of glory now, you have to develop a stylish outfit that does not always seem so easy to do. To help you, here is a list of what to do and what not to do when you wear all-denim.
Boyfriend jeans slightly degraded with blue jeans washed shirt and above ... I threw indigo jeans jacket. Even when the story goes too often the word jeans, but you wear them. And yet ... it does not look bad at all. On the contrary!
It's been a while since denim full-length outfits were considered bad taste. But, in the meantime, the trends in jeans have taken another turn, the volumes and the ways in which the fabric is degraded have diversified, and we can deduce some guiding lines in the rather uncertain denim on denim.

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